About CMO and BSE (Mad Cow Disease)

It is our understanding that certain proteins known as prions are the infective or disease-producing agents in BSE and related disorders. Our CMO contains no proteins or polypeptides of any sort.

The rendered tallow, from USA breed cattle, which is the source material for our product is hydrolyzed under high temperature and pressure to d-esterify it from the glycerol. This process alone would cause the complete destruction of all polypeptide bonds. From there the cmo free fatty acids go through many fractionations any of which purify it such that no amino acids or other nitrogen containing compounds can withstand the process. The final product is produced in an esterification process that includes temperatures well above the boiling point of water for many hours, all in the presence of catalysts and high concentrations of acids.

The final product is repeatedly purified using processes that are far, far above the requirements for pasteurization. The carboxylic acids, from which the CMO is made, additionally have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties.



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