Duoflex CMO+ Cream


Duoflex CMO+ Cream is a special transdermal preparation designed to penetrate the skin and temporarily reduce inflammation in the soft tissue beneath the skin's surface.

Duoflex Cream

Duoflex CMO+ Cream contains mainly CMO+ (10%) and MSM (5%). MSM (a derivative of DSMO) is one of the most promising natural ingredients discovered this century for safely and effectively treating muscular and skeletal pain. MSM, a safe and nontoxic form of biologically active sulfur, is used as a dietary supplement and in topical creams and lotions.

Other ingredients in Duoflex CMO+ Cream hydrate and nourish the skin. Hydrating substances increase the water content of the skin's outer layer. They make it easier for CMO and MSM to penetrate the superficial layers of the skin. The moisturizing substances allow CMO and MSM to quickly reach the deeper layers of the skin.

Duoflex CMO+ Cream is an effective way of temporarily reducing pain and inflammation in localized areas. The healing effects are cumulative and are usually felt within a day or two. In many cases, after three months of daily use (two to four times each day), users have reported that they are able to participate in most of their routine daily activities without constant medication and without needing to use Duoflex CMO+ Cream as frequently.

Who benefits from Duoflex CMO+ Cream?


Duoflex CMO+ Cream is well-suited to people who stress their hands or other joints constantly in their work or recreation or those who do not like to take oral supplements or who have trouble swallowing capsules. Duoflex CMO+ Cream is cost-effective for treating an area of localized pain (such as in the hands, elbows, wrist, or neck). Duoflex CMO+ Cream is a good choice for children too young to swallow capsules.

Are there any advantages in using Duoflex CMO+ Cream over taking CMO capsules?

Duoflex CMO+ Cream is a preferred form of CMO+ for individuals who may have difficulty absorbing CMO+ capsules because age (young or old) or digestive or liver function problems. The cream is also the right choice for people who do not choose to, or are not able to, give up caffeine, alcohol, or other immune system suppressants. (Ideally these substances should be omitted when taking CMO+ capsules). Minimal use of caffeine and low doses of certain other immune system suppressants are not known to interfere with the effectiveness of the cream.

Are there any disadvantages?

It takes considerably longer to acquire long lasting benefits from Duoflex CMO+ Cream than from CMO+ capsules. The cream must be rubbed into any affected joint or localized area of the body several times a day for an extended period of time. This can take up to three months and becomes tedious for some.

Can Duoflex CMO+ Cream and capsules be used at the same time?

Duoflex CMO+ Cream can be used as an adjunct to CMO+ capsules to help accelerate the repair process. Using both avenues of delivery simultaneously improves the chances of the CMO+ getting to the areas needing relief.

Are there negative side effects from using Duoflex CMO+ Cream?

A very small number of individuals who are sensitive to one or more ingredient in the cream may develop a rash or other skin irritation. This occurs infrequently, but if it does, the symptoms usually clear up immediately when the cream is discontinued.



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