Facts about Duoflex CMO + HPR


It is important to recognize that CMO+ is the first product of its kind in history.  

The first dietary joint supplement to guarantee results after 10 days of use. That is what makes CMO+ so very special. CMO+ is a truly important discovery and it may well revolutionize joint health worldwide, using only dietary supplements. Natural products are slow to be applauded in the world of healthcare. When this one becomes as well known as vitamin C or baby powder, we won't be able to keep up with the demand.

The discovery of cetylmyristoleate

The effect of cetylmyristoleate on joints was discovered by U.S.National Institutes of Health chemist H. W. Diehl and an article describing its discovery was published in Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences [83(3):296-298]. Cetylmyristoleate, however, had to be injected to be effective. Like other liquid waxes it is composed of large molecules that tend on clumping together forming large impenetrable masses which resists absorption and pass through the digestive system virtually undigested.

Making the indigestible digestible

Aware of the great potential of the substance, the San Diego Clinic Immunological Center under Dr. Len Sands, invented an exclusive way to change the liquid was into a wax solid named cerasomal-cis-9-cetylmyristoleate (CMO). As a solid, CMO has a crystalline structure that shatters in the alkaline environment of the small intestine forming a mesh of small particles that is readily absorbed and digested by the intestines. The exclusive process is responsible for CMO's greater bioavailability and efficacy.

Making the digestible even more digestible

For several years, companies have advised users to take a mixture of digestive enzymes along with the CMO to make it even more digestible. Nutritional Health Services has incorporated 2 lipase enzymes into each CMO+ capsule. To the best of our knowledge, CMO+ is the first and only CMO supplement to contain these two enzymes which are specific in amount and type for optimal digestion of the content of each CMO+ capsule. The built-in enzymes increase both the absorption and the efficacy of CMO+.

Products to look out for:

Facts about Duoflex CMO + HPRCetylmyristate: Without the "oleate", signifying a salt of oleic acid, the compound is incapable of supporting the natural functions of joints. While these products are cheap and may retail for $3 or $4 a bottle wholesale, they are worthless as joint supplements.

Vegetable sources: Beware of products that claim to be "cetylmyristoleates" from "vegetable sources". In order to make any form of myristoleate, including cetylmyristoleate, you have to start with myristoleic acid. The biochemist's bible Baily's Industrial Oil and Fat Products 5th Edition, lists only four sources for myristoleic acid, namely beef tallow, butter fat, chicken fat, and sheep tallow. There are no vegetable sources. Any claim that cetylmyristoleate came from a vegetable source -- including coconut oil or soybean oil -- is fraudulent.

Watch out for dangerous synthetics: Synthetic cetylmyristoleate is not the same as natural cetylmyristoleate. The structure of the synthetic molecules is different. Roughly half of the synthetic molecules are what is known as 'trans' molecules (as opposed to 'cis' molecules). The trans molecules are unnatural to the body and cause physical damage by disrupting cell membranes. Because CMO+ is an all-natural product, it contains absolutely no trans molecules. The word 'cis' in cerasomal-cis-9-cetylmyristoleate is your assurance that CMO+ is 100% free of the unnatural, harmful trans molecules found in all of the synthetics.

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