We realize that those who do not respond well to CMO+ do not write to say so. They simple request a refund. This is true of 8-10 % of our customers. Therefore it is important for you to understand that the grateful CMO+ users who wrote these testimonials represent the remaining 90 -92% of our customers. One way or another, we guarantee you'll be happy with our company. Good results speak for themselves. Customers who feel they did not receive beneficial results, although disappointed with our product, are happy to receive a refund.

What determines who can get a refund? We believe people are honest and would not ask for money back if they benefited from our products. Therefore, all you have to do is request a refund in writing, either e-mail or snail mail. Do wait at least 30 days after finishing the capsules before requesting a refund if you do not notice any improvements. Beneficial results are sometimes subtle at first and may be slow to appear. However, for most, the improvement continues for months and results are usually very long lasting. All bodies repair at different rates. Refund details on our Refund Policy page.

Dear Marge:

I am one happy and satisfied customer. Here is my story. I am 59 yrs old and have been running three to six miles three or four times a week for the last 14 years until my knees got so painful that I could not run anymore. I also had difficulty going up or down staircases. I tried a number of products and supplements but had no improvements.
The pain had spread to my hands, so I knew that all this pain must be arthritis. I saw a specialist and had my knees x-rayed. He told me that I had arthritis with bone spur damage and should forget about running. I found information about CMO with all the guarantees, so I decided to order two bottles.
I was surprised when I received the CMO to find out that I had to prepare my body in order for the CMO to work properly. So I followed all your requirements and instructions. (I also used CMO Topical Cream).
After taking all the pills, I still felt some pain, but two or three weeks thereafter the pain was completely gone. Six months have gone by, still no pain. I work out at a gym and use a treadmill for my running without feeling any discomfort or pain.

Thank YOU,
Jerry (Maine)

From: Hermie319@aol.com

Dear Marge:
Sorry that it's taken so long to write and say thanks to our and CMO. I spoke with you back in November of 2001 when I ordered the CMO. At that time, my arthritis pain was so bad I was about ready to apply for disability pension. I was taking pain pills twice a day and still was in a lot of pain. I was also told by my family physician that the arthritis in my neck was the cause of my headaches. I was getting three or four a week.

Things have changed a lot since then. It is now March and I am feeling a lot better. I haven't had to take a pain pill and have not had a headache since I have started taking CMO. I noticed a change after only three (3) days. Thanks to our conversation and reading of the CMO booklet, my diet has changed also. I am now watching what I eat and drink in reference to having arthritis.

I now have both family and friends using CMO, and they tell me it's also helping them. I only hope that people like me who suffer from arthritis will somehow learn about and use the CMO product.

Thanks again ever so much,
Howard H. Shank, Sr.
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

From: Greg & Tracey <gts@cosnet.co.nz>

Dear Marge,
Some time ago I started to explore the internet in search of a product that helped those who suffer from arthritis as I had psoriatic arthritis and had a major problem with my left hand's trigger finger. There were many products out their but fortunately I did not part with my money until I saw your site that said 'money back guarantee'. Common sense told me that for such a statement to be made the product had to be reasonably effective so I made purchase of some authentic Duoflex CMO+.

Before my administration of CMO+ the trigger finger was constantly swollen and painful in particular when it was bumped around the main joint area. Movement restriction was so bad that I could only bend it 10 degrees and the idea to make a clenching fist totally impossible. After taking two bottles of CMO+ I noticed a little reduction in the swelling but was amazed at the big reduction in pain and the increased finger flexibility. 7 months later and I have learnt that as you state, the effect of taking CMO+ is cumulative as after finishing my third bottle I can completely clench my fist which I have not been able to do for 3-4 years. In the past weather played a big part in how the finger performed but now it has no effect and I can finally, freely from pain, drive a manual car, clutching the gear stick without having this rigid finger constantly pointing in the direction of the dash board.

The effect of CMO+ was so transforming its like a finger replacement.

Thank you Marge.
Greg from New Zealand

From: BetteTasker@aol.com

Dear Marge,
I have completed first dosage of cmo and have had a positive result.Bent down to put on my own socks, first time in a long time. Cleaned those windows inside and outside that I could reach. The persistent ache in my left elbow joint has vanished, and my son tells me my fingers are less swollen than they usually appear. I keep waiting for the good result to fade away, but so far everything is O.K. History. I have had arthritis since I was a child, and now have a total kneejoint replacement on the left leg ( 1993), and two new hip joints last year. When I saw the advert for Dr. Sands book, I thought I will try anything to stop further degrading of the joints in my body and so I applied to you for the cmo capsules. I am 68 years old this month and I now am starting to believe I can look forward to growing old instead of dreading it. I am still astonished at the daily improvement in my well being.

Thanks again for your help.

From: Audrey Travis.

Dear Marge,
I've used CMO a couple of years ago, and I must say I am a true believer. I no longer have the pain in my neck or feet and the ugly knots and swollen joints are gone. I tell everyone I know that suffers from the same kind of pain about my wonderful results. Thank you!

Audrey Travis (Texas)

From: Alicen Spencer alicenjohn@telstra.easymail.com.au

Dear Marge,
Just a quick note to thank you for sending over the CMO product to us, my fiancée has appeared to have recovered extremely well and to this date has had no pain whatsoever for the past 2 weeks solid. This result is after having taken the second dosage of what we ordered from you. We would just like to thank you very much and state that it is quite like a miracle product.

For your information, we have passed on several of your brochures and details and so far 5 other acquaintances of ours have purchase and commenced using CMO. Nothing better than 'word of mouth' promoting. Good luck with an excellent product.
Thanks again.
Alicen Spencer [ on behalf of John Bosco ]

NOTE: John is a young man whose chronic joint pain and stiffness was secondary to a major auto accident a few years before. 6 months after the message he was still pain free. Have not heard from him since.

From: Terry Hicks kegler@cybergap.net

Just wanted to let you know I have seen an 80 percent improvement since taking your CMO. My hand and wrist pain is down to a small ache after bowling whereas after 3 games before I couldn't even pick up a ball the next day. Now I can bowl back to back days and even more if needed. My knees which had cartilage removed and ached during walks have improved also. I really doubted CMO's claims but was desperate and it really did work. I tried MSM but seen no improvement with them alone but I did continue taking them with the CMO.

Terry Hicks

From: EEJR1@aol.com
Subject: Re: Arthritis update -

Dear Marge,
Just wanted to email you and let you know that David is still fine. You recall I wrote you when he recovered from that horrible sarcoidosis in December of last year. Well, it has been seven months now, and he is still at 100 percent fine. We have told so many people about this wonderful product, CMO! Many have tried the product based on actually SEEING the wonderful recovery from what was a near-death situation! I still have trouble understanding that he only took the CMO for ten days and on the eleventh day, he felt about 80 percent recovered. Within the next few days, he was out roller-blading with the kids! I ordered another bottle of CMO for him, but he has never needed to take it. So we are keeping it on hand if any of us should ever have a similar disorder (as insurance!.) Just wanted to give you an update, Marge!

Thanks again,
Elizabeth Rawlins, Pensacola, Fl

From: grants grants@mail.zimlink.com

Dear Marge,
It's Mavis Grant from Zimbabwe. Just a little note to share the good news with you about Beverley Scrooby. She has finished the courses of the CMO and has since had blood tests which show that she now has no trace of arthritis!

I also wanted to thank you for all your help over the last couple of months!
Thanks again.

Mavis Grant

From: Viva J. McKinney vmckinne@bellsouth.net

Dear Marge,
I am writing a testimonial about my husband's experience with CMO+. I would very much appreciate it if you would pass this information along to others that may have any doubts about its curative powers.

In January of (1999) my husband was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis by three doctors at our nearby clinic. This disease hit him very hard and very fast. At first he was put on Prednisone to ease his pain and swelling while we waited for test results.

In the meantime, I got on the internet to find out more about the disease and what treatments are available. I was rather alarmed about the facts I was reading on the toxicity of medications like Prednisone and Methotrexate. Methotrexate was described as one of the most toxic drugs on the planet. That's when I "happened" across Marge Berger and CMO. I contacted Marge for further information and read the book giving details of how CMO came into being, along with many testimonials.

We went back to the clinic at that time and the "Specialist" wanted to put him on Methotrexate and launched into a diatribe of how safe a drug it is! We left the clinic with pills in hand, but I'm happy to say he never took them. We decided it would be worth it to take the CMO capsules before contaminating his body with toxic drugs. He was in great pain and had to wear three pairs of socks and wrist braces just to be able to continue working. He would literally drag himself out of the car and hobble into the house after work and collapse on the bed until the next morning. Because of our finances he was forced to continue working but was only able to endure about 20 hours per week.

Then came the miracle of CMO! The four bottles my husband took have brought him back to 90-95% of what he was before he became ill. Now he can work a full day with no braces or extra socks. Through the four treatments the pain and swelling would come and go. He had good days and bad days and there were times we wondered if it was really working at all. But he stuck with it and now we are looking forward to his retirement and freedom from this crippling, life altering disease. An extra bonus is that his lower back problem of many, many years has also benefited from the CMO. We look forward to a hopeful future in our retiring years.

WT and Jean McKinney

From: Fredette arkdette@earthlink.net
Subject: cmo/sarcoid

This morn I took my last dose of CMO+...my husband asked me the other morning, "How do you feel?" and I said, "Good!" He said he couldn't remember the last time I had said that! Last week was my "3-day" teaching week and usually I am a wet noodle on Thursday from teaching 3 days in a row...but this Thursday I enjoyed putting Christmas decorations up! I still have been trying to take it easy, although my bevery impulse is to dive back into 'normal' life. I have some stiffness in my ankles in the morning, still, but since that was the first place I ever felt pain, perhaps that will be the last to go. I have taken 1 motrin over the past ten days...I used to take 3 every 4-6 hours! But I could have lived with the pain...the thing that was the hardest for me was the extreme fatigue that literally took me out of life.

I must admit, I am still in a tentative, waiting sort of posture...I just want to see that I really am healing, rather than in body-self attack mode.

Kathleen Fredette
Palmdale, CA
Note: Kathleen had a sarcoidosis flare up in May, 2000 and another one in Oct. 2000. Both times she took one bottle of CMO+ and then returned to her normal routine without needing pain medication or other drugs. Kathleen is thirty something and the mother of 4 young sons as well as a teacher.

Dear Marge,
I first ordered CMO Cream for my granddaughter who has an inherited condition on her feet that no doctor has been able to clear up. Within a few days of applying the cream her feet look perfect and don't itch. My two sons who also have the same trouble (inherited from their father) started using the CMO cream and after just three applications saw a marked improvement and kept telling me they can't believe the condition their feet are in now.

Thank you,
Pauline M. Harrington paulmlh@aol.com (New Jersey, USA)

Dear Marge,
After taking 2 bottles of CMO+, I feel like a new person. My old age stiffness in my joints has left. My joints in my fingers have loosened. I can now make a fist again. I now don't have to struggle to get up from the floor when playing with my great-grandchild. Also my asthmatic condition seems to have disappeared. I feel twenty years younger. I am 86. I believe CMO+ is excellent to stave off old age. I shall try to get more people to try this product.

Yours sincerely,
Ora Stuebs
Onalaska, WI (USA).
608 783 7092

Dear Marge,
I've procrastinated far too long, so I'm taking this opportunity to tell you what a wonderful relief of pain I have had from your products. The CMO products are like a miracle from God. My neck, hips and lower spine have improved 100%. It took one month and a half to feel some relief but in another month I am honestly 100%!

My testimonial should encourage those who suffer today from joint pain and swelling, to use these products. They work! I owe these pain free days to CMO.

Yours Truly,
M. Stephanie Whaley
Surprise, AZ
NOTE: Ms. Whaley used CMO capsules in Feb. 2000. Her November testimonial is indicative of the many who report they are still pain free 8 or more months after using CMO products.

Notice: Not all users have the same results as the authors of the testimonials on these pages. Human response can vary greatly due to many complex health and human genetic factors.

To protect your investment:
We offer a refund to anyone who does not have results they are pleased with. We refund money to 8-10% of our customers. These people usually noticed no difference in their condition after taking CMO+. Some customers need more than 1or 2 bottles to obtain optimal results. The most anyone has taken is 6 bottles of CMO+. We have, to date-(12/00) not issued a refund to any "6 bottle user", which tells us (very unscientifically) that generally those whose results are slow, often receive the benefits they desire if they " stick to it". Those taking immune suppressing medication and those with an average body temp. below 98.6 usually do not benefit from CMO+ products.



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