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Marge BergerMy company, PermaHEALTH Inc, was originally set up in 1990 as a company for nutritional consultations generated primarily by MD referrals. However, due to the overwhelming response to our CMO product line, the company focus has shifted to managing our web generated nutrition marketing business.

We evolved into an internet company in 1996 after discovering CMO for my husband’s uncle who was an 84 years old widower. He had painful crippled hands and could not take any medication other than NSAIDs due to his glaucoma. The NSAIDs no longer worked and his doctor said immune suppressants were out of the question. He asked me to use my nutrition training to find help for his pain. A tough assignment!

I found CMO on one obscure web site. I was very skeptical. At that time (1996) CMO cost $275.00 for 50 capsules. WOW! Uncle Wilbur said any price was not too high if it helped. Three days after the CMO arrived at his home in PA he called to say his hands had not felt this good in 20 years. He told me he was able to use the wrench that had been sitting on his desk for 2 years waiting to fix a loose bolt on his lamp. Every other time he had tried to squeeze the wrench (even after soaking his hands in hot water) the pain would not allow him to complete this simple task. He finished 2 bottles of CMO, though after only one bottle he was able to return to all his chores and hobbies that had been put 'on hold' when NSAIDS no longer worked. He was able to hang his laundry outside on the line again (he claimed dryers were a luxury that used too much electricity). He opted for the second bottle for what he said was "insurance". The 2 bottles cost him $550 -more than 4 times what 2 bottles cost today in the year 2005. Uncle Wilbur told me 2 years later that it was worth every penny.

Before we bought the product for our beloved uncle, we checked the article written by scientist, Dr. Harry Diehl, who was working at the National Institutes of Health at the time (early 1970's) he discovered the benefits of injectable CMO on the arthritic joints of mice. His article appeared in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences,(VOL 83, #3, March 1994, pages 296-299) and had been written at the insistence of his doctor who was amazed at the researcher's personal results when he had injected his own arthritic joints with CMO he extracted in his home lab long after he retired from NHI. Then we called Dr. Len Sands who reported that, yes, he and his researchers had indeed created the oral analog of CMO from Diehl's research. He said he himself had taken the CMO capsules for his knees the year before and was now no longer dependent on pain medication and could walk anywhere and even climb stairs (formerly a major painful challenge).

After seeing Uncle Wilbur's return to enjoying life, we gave a few more bottles to friends and relatives who experienced results similar to Wilbur’s. It was only then that I decided to market CMO. The results reported by the early users were generally excellent. This product was indeed a marvel! Hence our web sites, and (our information site) evolved.

I visited Dr.  Sands in his clinic in Oct.  2000.  He was still mostly free from pain and, more importantly, did not depend on expensive pain medication to function on a daily basis (even 6 years after he originally took CMO).  I cannot promise you that our DuoFlex CMO+HPR will work the same way for you because all bodies are complex and respond differently to products.  I can promise you that if you are not satisfied with your results, I will refund your product purchase price.  To date we have a 9% refund rate.  That says that 91% of our customers are happy with their results. 

We have improved  the original product by adding appropriate proprietary digestive enzymes to aid in better assimilation of the CMO joint formula.  We have also combined it with the fantastic homeopathic pain reliever, HPR.  Together DuoFlex CMO+HPR are helping many arthritics who had resigned themselves to costly, daily pain medication, with potential side effects, and/or limited lifestyles.  This new combination of products is rapidly becoming the leader in this field. 

If you are considering a refund please wait 30 days after finishing our products to evaluate your overall benefits.

WHY should I wait 30 days?


For some customers the response is slow but just as rewarding.  Because DuoFlex CMO+HPR is not a pain relief drug, the benefits can be subtle at first.  As days go by you may begin to notice your "quality of life" is back.  You smile and realize you are feeling younger, stronger, moving faster, walking farther, sleeping better, and forgetting to swallow those pain pills.  All in all, life is good again.

Thank you for considering our product and please contact me if I can be of help as you continue to research to make an informed decision.  Wishing you healthy and happy days ahead.


Marge Berger, Nutritionist
PermaHealth, Inc
P.O. Box 653
Emmaus,PA 18049 USA
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