Hurting constantly or most of the time is a part of life that fibromyalgia patients diligently seek to change. They try every suggestion offered, but most remedies give minimal, short term or no relief. These patients spend a high percentage of their income and/or savings to find a solution to lead a normal pain free life. According to the Mayo Clinic report, 2% of Americans suffer with fibromyalgia. Read the Mayo Report for a comprehensive summary on modern medicine's thoughts on this illness and its solutions.

CMO+ may be the one natural product, with no known side effects, that helps fibromyalgia patients who want to live the life they love, participating, once again, in the activities they gave up because of the pain and fatigue. How do we know? We have had far too many CMO+ users with fibromyalgia call to report good results to doubt that it can be quite helpful. And the best part is, you take CMO+ one time for 20 days. It either helps or it doesn't. If it helps, you will most likely never need to repeat taking this dietary supplement. Before you order, take your body temperature a couple of times to be sure it averages 98.6F. If your temperature is low, CMO+ will most likely not be beneficial. If your temp. is low, bookmark (or store in "favorites") this page and go to Dr. Wilson's web site to read about low body temperature as a cause for muscle aches, insomnia, brain fog and other symptoms often included in the list of fibromyalgia symptoms. Denis Wilson, MD offers his books plus information pamphlets he has written that you can show to your doctor to inform him about this little known solution.

Skeptical? Most of us are (or were). We'll give you an unconditional return of your CMO+ purchase price if you take two bottles of CMO+ and you do not feel better, sleep better and have more energy throughout the day. CMO+ is thought to be an immune system modulator that, reportedly gives your body the necessary supplementation to allow your body to heal itself. The positive results we are hearing from fibromyalgia patients are impressive. We suggest fibromyalgia patients take CMO+ for 20 days (120 capsules) and then wait for two more weeks to evaluate the results. If you do not feel that your quality of life is better and your pain greatly lessened or vanished, most or all of the time, call or e-mail us for a refund. We have been selling CMO+ since 1996. An average of 90% of our customers claim to have received substantial benefits. Recently several fibro patients have ordered HPR (homeopathic pain reliever) with their CMO+ and told us that it is a fast, non drug solution to fibro pain.

No double-blind placebo controlled scientific studies have been done on CMO+ to evaluate clinically if it works. Nor has the FDA approved the statements made on this page. Carol Enney, a massage therapist in Fort Meyers, FL, called one day to ask about CMO+. She had treated a certain fibromyalgia patient for years. The day before, during a massage session, Carol noted a big change in the feel and flexibility of her clients' usual muscular tightness, connective tissue tenseness and trigger point pain. Her client's body was definitely more relaxed, making Carol's job easier. Her client had just finished a bottle of CMO+. Upon being questioned her client reported that she felt better than she had in years. A rare occurrence? Maybe, but similar positive stories keep coming in.

Carol immediately ordered CMO+ for her 24yr. old daughter, Shawna, who had suffered for years with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue symptoms. She was so debilitated that she was forced to drop out of college. Two months after finishing CMO+ Shawnna was back in school with the energy to succeed. Carol is a busy lady but has given me permission to print her phone # (if you feel compelled to validate her findings): 941 466 9388 (EST). . Does CMO+ help everyone? Of course not! Is it worth a 'no financial risk' try? You decide.


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