What is Duoflex HPR?


Duoflex HPR is an oral spray that combines six all-natural Homeopathic Pain Relievers that are recognized as official medicines under the Federal Food Drug & Cosmetics Act. They have been used to relieve symptoms of arthritis for over a hundred years.

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What's in Duoflex HPR?

Duoflex HPR's exclusive formula consists of Bryonia alba 6X, Cimicifuga racemosa 3X. Colchicum autumnale 3C, Kalmia latifolia 3X, Ledum palustre 30X, Rhus toxicodendron 12X. These special extracts have all been prepared in accordance Good Manufacturing and Good Laboratory Practices (GMP and GLP) in a modern facility registered with the Food and Drug Administration and inspected by the Food and Drug Branch of the California Department of Health Services.

How does Duoflex HPR work?

The ingredients in Duoflex HPR are balanced to provide relief for different kinds of arthritis pain. For example, Bryonia alba is specially indicated for pains that get worse with motion and improve with rest while Rhus toxicodendron's sphere of action focuses on pains that are worse after rest (getting up in the morning) and get better with motion (limbering up).

What makes Duoflex HPR different?


Duoflex HPR has four important advantages over synthetic medicines for arthritis pain:

  1. Duoflex HPR is an oral spray. You spray it twice under your tongue in the morning and in the evening. It is absorbed through the mucous membranes and goes directly into the bloodstream without passing through the stomach.

  2. It is all-natural, made from botanical ingredients that have been recommended for arthritis pain for over a hundred years.

  3. Its exclusive, balanced formula provides a broad spectrum of pain relief.

  4. It has none of the adverse side effects of synthetic pain medicines.


DuoflexHow long before it takes effect?

Some people notice relief in a couple of days when they take Duoflex CMO+ and Duoflex HPR together. The combination is guaranteed to provide a noticeable improvement. As all bodies repsond differently, some will not notice the full benefits of Duoflex products until 20-30 days later.


Does it work for everyone?


Nothing works for everyone. While the ingredients in Duoflex HPR are backed by over a century of clinical experience, some people experience pain that can only be relieved by habit-forming, narcotic analgesics which must be administered under a doctor's supervision.

Is Duoflex HPR safe to take?

Safety is one of Duoflex HPR's strong points. The botanical extracts are prepared in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States and are recognized as official medicines under the Federal Food, Drag, and Cosmetics Act. They contain no narcotics, are not habit forming, and have none of the dangerous or unpleasant side effects of synthetic drugs. They are among the safest preparations known to medical science.

Can I take Duoflex HPR along with my usual medications?

There is most likely no reason for you to be concerned about taking Duoflex HPR along with any medicines which may have been prescribed or recommended by a doctor. Nevertheless, you should always keep your doctor informed a bout what you are doing.




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