Duoflex CMO Ingedients


Product Designation: Duoflex CMO+


Composition: per capsule
385 mg
- cerasomal-cis-9-cetylmyristoleate which includes the following naturally associated group of fatty acids.

  • Octanoic (Caprylic)
  • Decanoic (Capric)
  • Dodecanoic (Lauric)
  • Tetradecanoic (Myristic)
  • Tetradecanoic (Myristoleic)
  • Pentadecanoic
  • Hexadecanoic (Palmitic)
  • Hexadecenoic (Palmitoleic)
  • Octadecenoic (Stearic)
  • Octadecenoic (Oleic)

10 mg - proprietary digestive lipase enzyme blend
139 mg - calcium carbonate ( helps the flow of fatty acids into capsules)

Classification: Dietary supplement

Product form: Gelatin Capsule

Trademark: The designation Duoflex CMO+ is trademarked effective as of Jan. 2000

Production: The product is produced in a GMP licensed facility according to quality standards defined by the U.S. government for the production of dietary supplements. All production is conducted in cleanrooms provided with a downflow of specially filtered air. Entry to the production area is available only through sealed air locks.

Agency inspections: The production facility is routinely inspected on a semi-annual basis by the Food and Drug Branch of the California Department of Health Services according to a schedule controlled by the agency.

Product source: Natural bovine tallow from US-inspected cattle.

Bio-Identification: A free mono-unsaturated fatty acid in a mix of tallow- derived waxes.

Adjuvants: To the best of our knowledge, Duoflex CMO+ is the only CMO supplement that combines lipase two digestive enzymes with CMO. These enzymes facilitate the absorption of

Duoflex CMO+ in the intestines and increase its efficacy.

Toxicity: No toxic solvents or other toxic materials are used in the extraction process or in any subsequent processing or handling. There are no toxic residues, no antibiotics, no bacteria, no steroids, no hormones of any kind in Duoflex CMO+.

Safety: Closely related fatty acid waxes have been used for centuries in the processing of common foods. They are found worldwide in just about every chocolate and natural cheese. They are commonly used by drug firms in the shells of coated pharmaceutical pills and are found in many cosmetics such as lipsticks and rouge.

Warnings: No ingredient warnings are required. As a precautionary measure, the following warnings are included on labeling and instruction sheets: "Keep this and all supplements out of reach of children." and "If you are pregnant or nursing a baby, consult a health professional before using this product or any supplement."
Note: If you are taking an immune suppressive drug, Duoflex CMO+ will not help you. These drugs block the action of CMO.

FDA Considerations: Duoflex CMO+ is not a medicine. Duoflex CMO+ is a dietary supplement derived from natural beef tallow just as Cod Liver Oil is a dietary supplement derived from codfish liver. Like Cod Liver Oil, Duoflex CMO+ is produced and marketed under the provisions of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 and FDA supplement regulations and comes under the supervision of the Food and Drug Administration. And like Cod Liver Oil, the sale of Duoflex CMO+ is not restricted in any way.





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