“We have never had an animal that did not benefit from CMO treatment.”

- Dr. Len Sands, creator of oral CMO.

CMO has been effective for horses, cats, dogs, hamsters and pot-bellied pigs. Smaller animals can be given capsules or the powder can be removed from one or two capsules and mixed with a small amount of the animal’s favorite food twice a day for twenty days.


Our very first experience with horses involved a 19-year-old dressage stallion who is considered to be the best stud horse of that kind on the East Coast. The owners were distressed that the stallion was so severely afflicted with arthritis that he was unable to move out of his stall, much less participate in dressage practice or performances. In addition, the horse was not able to rest well because of the arthritic pain. Equally distressing was the fact that he could no longer perform his breeding duties without resorting to complicated artificial insemination procedures. We are happy to report that after the administration of four bottles of CMO the stallion was waking in the morning refreshed and able to practice its dressage maneuvers. Furthermore he returned quite comfortably to breeding in the natural way. Needless to say, the owners were overjoyed -- and we bet the stallion was too.

Another interesting case involved a 14-year-old mare who had become too lame to walk. In all three years of working with the horse, her trainer found that she had never been able to canter and sometimes just barely managed to trot. The mare had very distinct bulging in the tendons of her lower front legs. After two bottles of CMO, the horse was no longer lame and the swollen bulges had disappeared. The mare was able to trot comfortably and even canter again for the first time in years. On a ten point scale estimating relief and mobility, the trainer estimated that the horse had improved from a 2.5 level before CMO to a 7.5 level after.

More subtle improvements were evident in a case involving another dressage horse that was progressively becoming more and more resistant to a right lead. In this instance the trainer had already experienced great results with CMO for her own neck and shoulder problems, probably the result of being hauled around an arena by 1000 pound animals for so many years. So why not try CMO on the horse as well? Even before finishing the second bottle the horse lost all resistance to the right lead and showed a marked increase in fluidity of motion which is so important in dressage work.  We recently submitted blood samples of a horse undergoing treatment with CMO for the standard analysis required on the show horse circuit in California. Nothing unusual appeared in the analysis.

german shephardAdministering CMO to horses can sometimes be a problem with finicky eaters. Some owners use a ball gun with great success, but some owners prefer to mix the CMO powder with something the horse is particularly fond of, some find that applesauce works well. Others like grated carrots and apples. A commercial oat and molasses mixture often works well too. A special CMO powder suitable for horses and other large animals is now available in 270 gram jars. It is flavored with apple and cinnamon. Please phone us to order: 1-800-224-8912

CMO has been effective in cats, dogs, hamsters, and pot-bellied pigs. Small animals need only one capsule daily. Two tablets daily for each 50 pounds of body weight is a suggested dose.

FDA Consideration: CMO is a nutritional supplement. It is derived from natural beef sources as are other common non-perscription products like digestive enzymes and beef liver extract tablets which are freely sold without FDA control. The FDA has never shown any interest in CMO. Just as cod liver oil is a natural product extracted from fish liver, CMO is a natural product extracted from certain fatty tissue of USA beef.



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